Thursday, February 11, 2021

Celebrate Palentine's Day with Friends of Detroit Animal Care and Control

If you've been considering adopting a pet, this weekend is a great time to adopt from the Friends of Detroit Animal Care and Control! Starting this Thursday through Sunday, they are hosting their Palentine's Day - Sponsored Adoption Event. That means that just in time for Valentine's Day, you could have a new love in your life and the adoption fee will be covered. So you can use that money to pamper your new pet with toys, treats, and whatever else your heart desires. 

Friends of DACC is a volunteer group that supports Detroit Animal Care and Control, the City of Detroit's Animal Control Department. As you probably know, there are many stray dogs, cats, and animals in need in Detroit. The need is more crucial than ever right now, with the extremely low temperatures outside. So, by adopting a pet, you not only are making life better for that dog or cat, but you are also helping to get an animal out of the cold and potentially saving their life. 

If this all sounds like a great idea to you, head to the DACC building this Thursday - Sunday between 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The building is located on the I-75 Service Drive at 7401 Chrysler Dr., Detroit, 48211. Before you go, check out some of the current adoptable pets that are available by visiting the Adoptable Animals at DACC Facebook Group or their Adopt-A-Pet page. In addition to those that are posted on these pages, there are always other pets available too! So stop by and see who might want to come home with you! 

If you would like to help the animals of Detroit through the Friends of DACC, but can't adopt, there are other ways you can help. You can make a monetary donation through their website here. You can also donate gifts or supplies through Chewy or Amazon by shopping off their wish lists. They are also always looking for volunteers and fosters! Can't take on a foster pet long term? You can have a sleepover or just take in a pet short term through the Couch Surfers program. Learn more about all of the ways to help out by clicking here


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Beat The Winter Blues with a Private Sauna Session

A lot of us have spent the last year locked up in our houses. Sure, we might have to go to work, run to the grocery store, and keep an appointment or two, but for the most part, where we live has become where we have spent most of our time over the last eleven months. At first, it was easy to stay home because everything outside was scary. Then it warmed up and we got to go outside to play at a social distance, but this winter is dragging on and it's getting a lot harder to stay positive. So, we started looking for a semi-safe way that we could get out of our homes to do something special without feeling like we were risking it all.

That's when fate intervened, we received an email that one of our favorite local wellness spas has installed a new private infrared sauna and they were offering a special on your first visit. We were intrigued by the email so we made a phone call and chatted with the staff about their COVID safety precautions. They informed us that they were not only wearing masks, cleaning spaces, and spacing out their appointments to keep things safe, they had also invested in a machine that would sterilize the entire space. I was also assured that everyone would be wearing masks and that I could pay at the checkout window with little to no contact after my appointment. This conversation made me feel safe coming in for a visit, so I booked my first session to spend 30 minutes in a 130-degree sauna all by myself. 

That half-hour was one of the most magnificent moments that I have experienced over the last year! It was nice to take a minute away from it all, sweating, breathing, and refocusing on myself and my wellbeing. I also felt really good about my safety during my visit. Even though they provide everything you need, I felt more comfortable bringing my own towels and a change of clothes that I could slip into after my visit. I also double-masked with a KN95 and a cloth mask while I was entering and exiting the building. It was one of the first times I felt truly relaxed and it was exactly what I needed to help me make it through the rest of this pandemic. I enjoyed myself so much that I bought a package and booked a standing appointment to visit the sauna by myself every Wednesday for as long as I can. This half-hour of slow breathing and self-reflection is helping me remember that there is a light at the end of this long tunnel. 
I highly recommend checking out the sauna at GreenLeaf Bodywork and booking yourself a visit if you are in the Downtown Ferndale area. If you are not, I suggest googling "infrared sauna" and booking a visit at someplace near you. If you visit someplace else, please make sure that you call and talk to them about what they are doing to keep you safe before you visit. You want to feel calm and relaxed when you are there and you won't be able to do that if you're worried about your safety! It's more important than ever to make sure that you are taking care of your mental and physical health, so make sure that you are doing something that will help you get through this because the vaccine is out and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


Monday, February 8, 2021

Everyone Can Enjoy A Sandwich + More at Oak House Deli

Some people say that the sandwich is the perfect food. It's portable, it can be made hot or cold, and the meats, veggies, cheeses, and condiments can be switched up a million different ways. In fact, Americans love sandwiches so much that we eat around 300 million of them every day. If you love sandwiches as much as the rest of us do, you will be pleased to find that Royal Oak has a deliciously unique deli that serves up scrumptious sandwiches for EVERYONE. 

Oak House Deli is the first deli in Metro Detroit to offer a full menu of staple sandwiches that can be made 100% vegan without sacrificing a single ingredient. Craving a fresh Italian sub on Crispelli's bread? You can have it stuffed with fresh-cut Boar's Head deli meats or 100% high-quality vegan slices if you're keeping it plant-based. Do you want pasta salad or potato salad on the side, go ahead and order it. They even have a vegan egg salad ready-to-go! It is RARE to find a spot that serves up so many options. Especially when it does all of them well.

This is the perfect place to get something to-go because everyone in the group will be able to find something that they like. They even have vegan desserts and Faygo pop on their menu. Their prices are more than reasonable, their service is friendly and quick, and you can pre-order and pick up using their website. We have been grabbing to-go hoagies every time we are in the area and we haven't had a bad sandwich yet. We highly suggest working your way through the menu before you land on your go to order because we would have never guessed that the vegan egg salad sandwich would be our favorite until we tried it! The vegan Italian is a close runner up, but if we're being honest, we plan to eat every single sub on that menu again when we get the chance.

You can view Oak House Deli's full menu here.



Thursday, February 4, 2021

Small's Celebrates Paczki Day 2021 with Paczki Bombs & Polish Food

It's safe to say that we are all looking for a reason to celebrate and have a good time right now. Well, Small's is giving us that opportunity, while doing their best to keep everyone safe at the same time. They are bringing back their Paczki Day festivities this year, with a safer, socially distanced twist.

This year, Paczki Day is on Tuesday, February 16th. Small's will be opening early, at 10 a.m., to start your day off right. They will be bringing back the legendary Paczki Bombs this year, with custard or raspberry filling. For those that don't know, a Paczki Bomb is a delicious paczki (a.k.a. a filled donut) with booze added to the filling. So, not only are you getting a tasty treat and a sugar buzz, but you'll be getting a buzz from alcohol too! Paczki Bombs will be available for pre-order or you can pick one up and eat it on the patio outside of Small's. The pricing for pre-order is 3 for $16, 6 for $30, or 12 for $55. If you just want to grab one while you're at the bar, they are $6. But beware, Paczki Bombs are known to sell out fast! So, if you want to guarantee that you get some, pre-order a pack by sending a message to Renegade Kitchen on Facebook here

In addition to Paczki Bombs, Small's will also have big beers available and Renegade Kitchen will be cooking up delicious Polish food. The menu for the day includes Kielbasas, Pierogi, Kielbasa Fried Rice, and Pierogi Mac N Cheese, with pierogi as the mac in the mac n cheese. Food can be ordered for takeout by calling (313) 873-1117 that day or you can grab food at the bar to eat on the patio.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, there will not be live music at Small's on Paczki Day this year. However, you can catch a livestream from Paczki Day favorites Captains of the Head at 7 p.m. So, you can pick up some food and Paczki Bombs, and head home to eat, drink, and watch Captains of the Head. 

Now we all have a day to look forward to where we can be happy and gluttonous (as if we haven't been eating all day every day already)! Small's will be open from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. on Paczki Day. For more details on the festivities at Small's and to stay in the loop leading up to Paczki Day, head over and RSVP to the Facebook event here


Monday, February 1, 2021

Hamtramck Has It's Own Near Nightly Talk Show Featuring Bahama Jon

Are you yearning to connect with a community? Do you miss live music, comedy, or knowing what local artists are up to? We've all felt a little disconnected from the world over these last few months, but we are finding new ways to form friendships and to find a way to belong. One of our favorite ways to feel part of something fun is to tune into a near-nightly talk show that is broadcasted out of Ant Hall in Hamtramck featuring a local semi-celebrity named Bahama Jon. 

When lockdown first began, Bahama started going live 7 days a week to entertain whoever was bored and wanted to watch. He created a few characters, made a few bits, and was able to get quite a few followers to tune in to his nightly shenanigans. He turned that initial buzz into a deal with Planet Ant that included a new space to broadcast and the ability to have some socially distanced guests on the show. He also moved his broadcast over to Twitch where viewers could be part of a live chat during the show. It turns out that live chatting is fun and a great way to connect with people all over the world! The other reason we love to tune into the show is that Jon has his pulse on the who's who of the local DIY music, art, and comedy communities. So, all of his guests are charming, talented, and fun to learn about, if you aren't already familiar with their work.

If you are looking for a new way to connect with the local scene and have some fun 4 nights a week, we suggest that you tune in for a show! Bahama is live at 9 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and 10 p.m. on Saturdays. Monday nights are our favorite because they feature Hamtramck Steve. So if you're going to tune in any night, we suggest Mondays. You can watch some of his previously recorded shows on his channel at your leisure. Make sure you create a Twitch profile when you login so that you can chat with whoever else is hanging out that day. It just might be the friendly hangout that you have been missing.